*Arabic Level 1 Beginners January 2019*

For beginner level students. 2018 Arabic level 1 Description Level 1 (complete beginners) It is a course for complete beginners, for students who have no previous knowledge of the Arabic script or/and the Modern Standard Arabic.Each session covers everyday conversation topics, learning the alphabet, reading and basic grammar. We follow the Mastering Arabic book 1 and Activity book, this course covers chapters (1-6). A- Topics of conversation: - Arabic greetings - Introducing ourselves and family members -Meeting someone for the first time -Discussing jobs -Describing the place we live in and the work place -Basic conversation in a shop -Basic conversation in a restaurant -Learning common Arabic expressions for different situations B- Writing and reading: The students learn the Arabic Alphabet (letters, vowels, signs), how to read and write. We recommend the Gateway to Arabic 1 book to practice writing. C- Grammar: This course covers the very basics in Arabic Grammar: -Nominal sentences in the Nominative case - Demonstratives (singular, masculine, feminine) -Masculine and feminine nouns -Adjectives (masculine/feminine) -Personal pronouns -The attached possessive pronouns (singular) -Sound masculine plural -Sound feminine plural -Definite/indefinite -Introduction to the 3 Arabic grammatical cases: 1- Nominative 2- Accusative 3- Genitive -Writing basic sentences. : we recommend : we recommend using the website www.palgrave.com/masteringarabic for extra exercises, videos, Script practice, etc. and Mastering Arabic script book for handwriting (Instead of Gateway to Arabic)

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*Arabic Level 1 Beginners January 2019*
Oscars International 34 Dame St. D2 Tuesday 19:30 - 21:00 €265 12 15 Jan 2019 02 Apr 2019 Enroll


Oscars International 34 Dame St. D2
34 Dame Street Dublin 2
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