Swedish Beginners September 2019

Level 1 is for complete beginners. No previous knowledge of Swedish is required. After the course the student will be able to express his/her views and opinions on simple topics. This course is the first module and is intended to provide beginners with skills in both oral and written Swedish. Everyday topics are practiced such as presentations, telephone conversations, shopping, etc. Basic grammar skills such as simple phrases, word order in main clauses, verbs in the present tense are acquired. The student is required to regularly attend classes, do written home work assignments and actively participate in written and oral exercises in class. Brief course description: Students at this level progress from chapter 1 in Svenska utifrån to chapter 20. The main areas covered at this level are; verbs in present tense, word order and pronouns, alphabet, asking and answering questions, telling the time, indefinite and definite form of nouns, days and numbers, articles and prepositions and constructing sentences with adverbs. Students receive a gentle introduction into pronunciation of letters and words. 

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