*German Lower Intermediate A2 April 2019

Advanced Beginners 3 (A2 CEFR)
- for people with the A1 CEFR knowledge of the language, or those who attended Advanced
Beginners 2
By the end of the course, students will know
- helpful phrases to talk about their work, feasts and traditions, films and products/inventions
- how to write a CV, read and understand job descriptions/advertisements
- how to understand product descriptions
- how to express a purpose with “um zu”-structures (in order to)
- how to make polite requests (subjunctive II)
- how to describe processes and procedures (passive voice)
- how to express conditions and consequnces (“wenn”-sentences)
- the sentence structures in main and subordinate clauses
- nominative, dative, accusative and genitive cases
- prepositions with dative and accusative cases

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