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Venue: Oscars International 34 Dame St. D2 Day: Friday Time: 00:00 - 00:00 Fee: €0 Weeks: 0 Start date: 30 Nov 2018 End date: 31 Dec 2018 Register OR Free Trial

Venue: Oscars International 34 Dame St. D2 Day: Tuesday Time: 18:00 - 19:30 Fee: €249 Weeks: 10 Start date: 18 Sep 2018 End date: 20 Nov 2018 Register OR Free Trial

*If you have missed the official start date of a course, we can arrange a catch up class to cover what you have missed at beginner level at no additional cost or if you are not a total beginner, you wont be charged for the weeks that you have missed. Please contact Shane Zerbe the Norwegian Coordinator on or 01 2601296 if you wish to join a course that has already commenced.

Terms commence: February, , April, June & September, all terms are 12 weeks in duration. There is a cd accompanied textbook required "Ni I Norge" the cost is €40 & it will cover Level's 1,2 & 3. It will be available for purchase on the first night.

Higher levels available subject to demand or on a private tuition basis.

The Sandford Language Institute has been running courses in Norwegian since 1989. Our tutors are native speakers and qualified teachers, teaching the communicative use of the language and making it as relevant as possible to every day situations. All of the main language skills of Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Use of language (Grammar) are developed in class. Enrolment for upcoming term is now possible. If you join a class and the level proves too high or low, switching level is no problem. Should you have any queries, please contact Shane Zerbe on 01 2601296 or

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Please submit your contact details here and also your availability, days and times.Contact Shane(Course Coordinator) on 01-2601296 or
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This is a course for beginners with no previous knowledge of the Norwegian language. The student is introduced to the basic grammar and vocabulary for use in daily life. It will entail topics of everyday needs like going shopping, greeting people, making bookings for travels etc. It will also touch in on professions. The student will be able to understand and form short and easy meaningful sentences at the end of the 12 week course. Homework is given for all of the 12 chapters which will give the student the necessary corrections and improvements in their language skills.
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Oscars International 34 Dame St. D2
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