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Please submit your enquiry here and we will keep you posted for BR Portuguese Courses 2023

Venue: ONLINE Day: Tuesday Time: 00:00 - 00:00 Fee: €0.00 Weeks: 0 Start date: 30 Apr 2024 End date: 31 Dec 2024 Register

For beginner level students

Venue: ONLINE Day: Wednesday Time: 19:30 - 21:00 Fee: €249.00 Weeks: 8 Start date: 24 Apr 2024 End date: 12 Jun 2024 Register

Enrolment for the upcoming Spring 2024 classes is now possible. Courses are in blocks of 8 weeks and costs €249 for 8 x 1.5 hour classes.

Enrolment for upcoming Spring 2024 classes is now possible. We need a minimum of 4 enrolments to start a course. Please submit an online inquiry on the webpage & note down your availability, days & times we will keep you updated. When we receive 4 enquiries & know the students availability, we will schedule a course and upload it on the webpage & students can then enrol

The Sandford Language Institute has been running courses in Portuguese since 1989. Our tutors are native speakers and qualified & experienced teachers.

All of the main language skills of Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Use of language (Grammar) are developed in class.

If the course has started, it is still possible to join any week & just pay pro-rata for the remaining weeks of the current 10 week block. Follow-on courses are offered throughout the year in 10 week blocks.

Levels - click on level for level description

Please submit your enquiry here and we will keep you posted.

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