Why choose the Sandford Language Institute Dublin for your Italian classes / courses /lessons? All of our tutors are native, qualified and experienced. Small class sizes, from min 5 to max 12. Unlike other language schools, our classes run year round, there is no need to take a break. We offer all levels from beginner to advanced, for those who wish to progress from a basic level, we often get students who have completed beginner or advanced beginner level in another school and transfer to us as the other school either doesnt offer higher levels or doesnt have the demand to run them. (Missed the start date? See below)*

If you have missed the official start date of a course, we can arrange a catch up class to cover what you have missed at beginner level at no additional cost or if you are not a total beginner, you wont be charged for the weeks that you have missed. Please contact Linda the Italian Coordinator on linda@sandfordlanguages.ie or 01 2601296 if you wish to join a course that has already commenced.

Language Institute has been running courses in Italian since 1989. Our tutors are native speakers and qualified teachers, teaching the communicative use of the language and making it as relevant as possible to every day situations. All of the main language skills of Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Use of language (Grammar) are developed in class. Enrolment for upcoming classes is now possible. Should you have any queries, please contact Linda Hu on 01 2601296 or Linda@sandfordlanguages.ie

Levels - click on level for level description
For students preparing for Leaving Cert Examination
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For students preparing for Leaving Certificate Italian Higher Level in 2018. Course is given by native, Qualified & experienced Italian tutors and covers all main language skills of speaking, listening comprehension,grammar,reading & writing.
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For Secondary School Students 1st - 6th Years wh are beginners or elementary in Italian.
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For students who are beginners in Italian but want to study it either just for Transition Year (ie: Gaisce programme) or in 5th year and possibly to take as an additional language for Leaving Certificate in the future.Can be followed by weekly classes throughout the year, for 2- 3 years would prepare students to take Leaving Certificate Higher or Ordinary Level.
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† Subject to demand
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