.Enrolment for upcoming new & continuation ONLINE 2023 courses is now possible. If you have any queries, please contact Mary Zerbe (Japanese Coordinator) by email: mary.zerbe@sandfordlanguages.ie

Sandford Language Institute has been running courses for all levels in Japanese since 1989.

Our tutors are native speakers and qualified teachers, teaching the communicative use of the language making it as relevant as possible to every day situations. All of the main language skills of Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Use of language (Grammar) are developed in class. If you join a class and the level proves too high or low, moving level is no problem.

If you have missed the start date of a course, it is still possible to join. You are welcome to try out any class, that is currently running, commitment free, if you already have a knowledge of the Japanese language. If you decide to join the course, you wont be charged for any missed weeks. Please contact mary.zerbe@sandfordlanguages.ie for more information

Classes for Beginners - for students who are generally interested in Japanese,language,animation,culture etc.


Pre-Intermediate 8P(JLPT N4-N3) on Tuesday from 7:30 will be for 10 weeks from Nov 22nd to 14th Feb.(No class from 20th Dec to 3rd Jan.)

This class is in the middle of lesson 12 of Japanese for Busy People, Book3 now.

Students can read and write Hiragana and Katakana. They have learned about 280 kanji.

They can make conversation on a wide range of topics in Japanese quite well.

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Venue Day Time Fee Weeks Start Date End Date Select To Enrol
Japanese ONLINE Pre-Intermediate 8P (JLPT N4-N3) November 2022 * Mitsue* ( No class from 20th Dec to 10th Jan.)
ONLINE Tuesday 19:30 - 21:00 €210.00 10 22 Nov 2022 14 Feb 2023


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