Enrollment for upcoming July & August 2020 classes is now possible.

The Sandford Language Institute has been running courses in Korean since 1989.

Our tutors are native speakers and qualified teachers, teaching the communicative use of the language and making it as relevant as possible to every day situations. All of the main language skills of Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Use of language (Grammar) are developed in class.

In the event that the day, time or location do not suit, please submit the enrollment form anyway and note this under comments, as we will do our best to accommodate everyone.

If Group Classes are not suitable, please note we also offer private & Group Private tuition options. Should you have any queries, please contact Korean Coordinator Mary Zerbe email :mary.zerbe@sandfordlanguages.ie

Course Description Level 1.Beginners Week 1. Korean alphabet Hangul Consonants Week 2. Koream alphabet Hangul Vowels Week3. Asking someone's name,nationality. Greetings. Week4. Numbers. Reading phone numbers and asking price. Counting age. Week5. Talking about family relationships. Family title. Past tense. Week 6. Asking location. Seoul's sights. Week7. Suggesting. Speaking about plans and giving present. Week8. Taking taxi. Giving directions. Food on special occasions.

Course Description Level 2. Improvers Week1. Speaking about hobbies. Week2. Future tense. Talking about holiday plan. Week3. The superlative. Listening and talking about symptoms. Week4. Refusing. Negating. Making plans. Week5. Making reservation. Honorific language. Week6. Markers. Negating. Talking about preference. Week7. Recommendations Week8. Korean wave. How to do Presentation in Korean. Re: Reply re: Korean Language course Contact photo From Yoonah Park on 2020-01-30 17:01 Details Plain text Text book: https://www.amazon.com/Korean-Made-Easy-Beginners-Book/dp/B00552MZ6A Level 1 covers Hangul( Korean alphabet) system. Level 2a covers chapter 1 to chapter 8. Level 2b covers Chapter 9 to Chapter 16.


Please submit your contact details here and note down your availability,days and times in order of preference in the comment section.We can start a course when we have a minimum of 6 enrolments.Our Korean Coordinator,Mary Zerbe will contact you.You can also email mary.zerbe@sandfordlanguages.ie or phone her on 01-2601296.

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