Course fee €249 for an 8 week course of 1.5 hours weekly, based on a minimum of 4 students.

Enrolment for upcoming Summer 2024 & Autumn classes is now possible. We need a minimum of 4 enrolments to start a course. Please submit an online inquiry on the webpage & note down your availability, days & times we will keep you updated. When we receive 4 enquiries & know the students availability, we will schedule a course and upload it on the webpage & students can then enrol online.

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The Sandford Language Institute has -been running courses in Russian since 1989. Our tutors are native speakers and qualified teachers, teaching the communicative use of the language and making it as relevant as possible to every day situations. All of the main language skills of Reading, Writing, Listening, speaking and Use of language (Grammar) are developed in class. Enrolment for upcoming classes is now possible. Should you have any queries, please contact Mary Zerbe on 01 2601296 or

Course Testimonial 2022

Lana is an excellent friendly and very understanding teacher. She is very patient and helpful and she uses a nice mix of conversation, written and grammar. Her classes are very enjoyable and engaging.

RUSSIAN Course Materials ‘The 5 Elements’ textbook

Week by Week Course Plan for Levels 1-7

Level 1 Description: Lessons 1 – 3 from the workbook ‘The 5 Elements’: Alphabet Reading rules Numbers 1 – 19 Plural of Nouns Personal Pronouns Possessive Pronouns Expression ‘I have’ Verbs (Present Tense) Greetings/Farewell Polite words Introducing Oneself My Family Names Jobs

Level 2 Description Lessons 4 – 7 from the workbook ‘The 5 Elements’: Grammar: Possessive Pronouns (Revision) Past Tense of the Verbs Present Tense (Conjugation I - revision) Adverbs Prepositions of Place (in/on) Question Words Complex Sentences with Question Words Topics: Family/Neighbours Form Filling Days of the Week Parts of the Day Time Telling Daily Routine

Level 3 Description Lessons 8 – 11 from the workbook ‘The 5 Elements’: Grammar: Conjugation of the Verb ‘to have’ Revision of the Past Tense Verbs (Conjugation II) Plural of Nouns (+ exceptions) Countries/Nationalities Adverbs of Frequency Adjectives Demonstrative Pronouns Topics: Work Weather Habits A Happy Family

Level 4 Description Lessons 12 – 14 from the workbook ‘The 5 Elements’: Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives (Adjectives and Adverbs) Complex sentence Verbs ‘want’, ‘can’ and ‘must’, ‘live’ Second Conjugation verbs (exceptions) Accusative case (nouns, possessive pronouns, adjectives) Imperative Reported speech Negative pronouns Prepositional case (nouns) Topics: Colleague Shopping Nationalities

Level 5 Description Lessons 15 – 16 from the workbook ‘The 5 Elements’: Grammar: Prepositional case (exceptions, personal pronouns) Verbs of motion Directional adverbs Verb ‘wait’ Revision of Accusative and Prepositional Topics: Colours Animals Directions

Level 6 Description Lessons 17 – 18 from the workbook ‘The 5 Elements’: Grammar: Expressing purpose Verbs ‘go’, ‘study’, ‘learn’, ‘know’, ‘be able to’ Ordinal and cardinal numerals Topics: Telling the date Studies

Level 7 Description Lessons 19 – 20 from the workbook ‘The 5 Elements’: Grammar: Verb conjugation (exceptions, root alternation) ‘give’, ‘get up’, ‘find out’, ‘hate’, ‘sing’, ‘eat’, ‘drink’, wash’ Indefinite-personal constructions (’they say’) Word formation Topics: Plans for the week Weekend Food

Certification Levels teaching Russian as a foreign language Elementary A1 (760 words) Basic A2 (1300 - 1500 words) Intermediate B1 (First certification level) (2300 words) Advanced B2 (Second Certification Level) (3000 words) Level of proficiency for professional purposes C1 (Third certification level) Universal Fluency C2 (Fourth certification level)

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